Liz and Roger founded the farm in 1988 and have since grown the farm into a successful business, whilst also raising four children. Things weren't always easy trying to sell vegetables on a commercial scale but since expanding into the world of farmers markets they have never looked back. The coronavirus outbreak then pushed the business towards home deliveries and pre-ordering systems.


Roger Styan

The Boss

Roger would simply rather being doing nothing else in the world then farming. He's worked very hard to build his empire and isn't anywhere near stopping yet. Roger wasn't from a farming background but undertook an agricultural degree and successfully reared a new generation of farmers.

Kathryn Styan


Kathryn put her hands to all sorts of tasks on the farm when growing up but has since moved into the world of agronomy. However she can't get away from her duties that easily so is always there to lend a hand when required. It's also pretty useful having a daughter  who is an agronomist.

Liz Styan

Co Founder (aka The Real Boss)

Liz manages much of the farm logistics and tends to keep everyone in order. Liz also trained as a  chartered accounted so manages all of our client accounts and any other number related activity.

Alan Styan


Alan is the middle brother and has now moved on to "a proper job" BUT he still helps out some weekends and is the brains behind the new ordering and delivery systems

James Styan

Boss in the making

As the eldest son of Roger and Liz James has enjoyed a successful career as a professional athlete but has now succumbed to the call of the farm. James is learning from the best and putting his own stamp on the family business.

Simon Styan

Pack house manager

Simon is the baby of the family and still in full time education but similarly to Alan gets stuck in at the weekends. Whilst Simon is the youngest he still manages to keep everyone calm during a crisis and we don't know what we'd do without him.

Nanny Styan

Chief Cake Maker

Nanny is over 90 now but she loves nothing more then to support her family in its adventures. When Nanny isn't on the farm she's knitting clothes to keep us all warm in the winter and making enough cakes to give us the energy required for farming.